فساتين زفاف(للنساء فقط
فساتين سهرة(للنساء فقط
فساتين افراح بنوتات
طرحه و جاكيت
جوالات ماركات
جوالات جديده و غريبه
جوالات اخرى
كمبيوتر و لاب توب
الكترونيات اسلاميه
عبايات استقبال(للنساء
كتالوج لانجرى 1
كتالوج لانجرى 2
ملابس اطفال
ملابس اطفال تنكريه
قطنيات و ملابس داخليه
منتجات تجميل ايفا
منتجات حراز شيخ العطارين
منتجات تجميل اصاله
منتجات تجميل ايزى بييوتى
منتجات تجميل متنوعه
مفارش سرير
مفروشات قطنيه مصريه
اكسسوارات تيفنى
اكسسوارات ماركات اخرى
نظارات ماركات
شنط و محافظ ماركات
لانجرى ماركات
عالم الماركات-حصرى
عالم الاضائات


شركه طلباتك للتجاره الالكترونيه - عالم من المتعه

انتى جميله مع ايفا

  للعنايه بالبشره

  كريم ايفا بالجلسرين       Eva Glycerine Cream

A reliable skin cream with high percentage of Glycerine. Moisturizes, humidifies and nourishes the skin. Suitable for Dry skin.
  كريم ايفا بالعسل               Eva Honey Cream  
Contains natural honey with all its benefits and vitamins that give skin the power and support against aging process.
  كريم ايفا بالزبادى و الخيار     Eva Yoghurt & Cucumber Cream

Helps to renew the skin and gives it immediate and all day vitality. For all skin types.

  انبوب كريم اسبوتلس ايفا   Spotless Cream Tube

Acidic cream containing acid milk and lemon juice to bleach the skin. Removes acne, black heads and treats dark spots.
Spotless Stick             لاخفاء عيوب البشره

Medicated stick with the skin’s natural colour to cover & treat acne.
  Spotless Soap            صابونه اسبوتلس ايفا
Normalizes the skin acidic PH, treats and prevents skin acne.


C-light Cream   كريم سي لايت للتفتيح

With concentrated vitamin C, the most effective ingredient used for naturally lightening the skin.
C-light Soap    صابونه سى لايت للتفتيح

Contains vitamin E and Jojoba oil to moisturize and hydrate the skin.



Eva Collagen Cream  كريم ايفا كولاجين

g skin cream. Collagen stimulates the formation of new Collagen fibrils leading to skin regeneration.
Eva Collagen Ampoules   انبولات ايفا كولاجين

Rich in engrafted Collagen, it easily and rapidly penetrates your skin stimulating and energizing the epidermal cells.


One with Honey   كريم وان بالعسل لازاله الشعر

One with Lanolin

For Normal skin.
One with Chamomile

For Sensitive skin.
EVA Sweet   ايفا سويت لازاله الشعر الزائد

(4 weeks) by eliminating hair from the roots and slowing its re-growth leaving your skin perfectly smooth. Available with Lemon, Glycerine and Honey


Aloe Eva Deodorant Powder   بودره ازاله العرق  

Eradicates the bacteria causing the unpleasant sweat odour. Does not block the pores
Aloe Eva Foot Powder   ب ودره ازاله رائحة  القدم

. Eradicates foot fungi and bacteria, therefore, prevents the unpleasant foot odour. Available with Menthol & Aloe Vera.

    للعنايه بالشعر 

Aloe Eva Hair Cream   كريم الو ايفا بالصبار

oisturizing hair cream enriched with Aloe Vera. Restores hair natural beauty adding to it volume and luster.
Aloe Eva Hair Oil

Hair loss is a prominent problem. Aloe Eva Hair Oil is exclusively formulated to hinder hair loss giving you healthy, strong, soft and lustrous hair.
Aloe Eva Hair oil with Wheat Germ protein

Wheat Germ proteins, composed of 12 amino acids, penetrate the hair to increase its elasticity; preventing split ends.
Aloe Eva Hair Ampoules   انبولات ايفا بالصبار

and reinforce hair fibers increasing hair vitality.
Aloe Eva Healthy Hair Lotion   لوشن الو ايفا

of Aloe Eva’s Healthy Hair Lotion leaves your hair thick, soft and manageable, hence reducing hair loss. Available for Normal and Dry hair.


Cool Gel   كوول جيل

Cool Gel styles your hair leaving it shiny without any residue. Cool Gel available for Wet Look, Strong Hold and Mega Hold.



Cool Cream Gel   كريم جيل

Rich in Proteins to nourish your hair and Copolymers for all day control. Cool Cream Gel available for Dry hair, Normal Hair and Thin Hair.

Eva Hair Styling Gel with Vitamin E جيل للشعر بفيتامين e


Effectively penetrates your hair and strengthen it from root to tip.

Eva Hair Styling Gel with Honey   جيل للشعر بالعسل

Has excellent moisture binding properties. Penetrates hair to repair damage due to moisture loss.

Eva Hair Styling Gel with Panthenol   جيل للشعر بالبانثينول


Binds perfectly with hair follicles, lubricating the hair and adding flxibility and elasticity.

Eva Hair Styling Gel with Aloe Vera   جيل للشعر بالصبار
Helps lock the moisture into the hair and conditions the scalp

Eva Honey Shampoo 2x1

Contains a blend of honey vitamins, lovingly coats your hair to protect, nurture and preserve its own oils. Suitable for frequent use.
Eva Panthenol Shampoo 3x1

You can deeply clean you hair without over drying with the formula of Panthenol shampoo. Developed for Normal to Oily hair and for sensitive scalp, it’s gentle enough for daily use.
Eva Aloe Shampoo 3x1

Contains all the natural goodness of Aloe Vera that soothes dry scalp and restores the natural moisture balance of you hair available for Normal and Greasy hair.
Eva Henna Shampoo 3x1

This deep cleansing formula is rich in Henna extract. It nourishes your hair, adds volume and protects your scalp against dandruff. Can be used on all hair colours.
Eva Clear off Shampoo 3x1

Helps prevent dandruff and the associated itching and flaking.
Eva Olive and Almond Oil shampoo 3x1

Reparative shampoo. This new blend is specially formulated to combat dry, brittle and thin hair.